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Safetech provides C-NRPP approved radon test kits that you can use to test your home or workplace. Order a kit online today!

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Why Safetech

Safetech Environmental Limited (Safetech) was incorporated in 2004.  We consider ourselves a young, vibrant and growing company even though the three founders (Glenn Smith, Romeo Milano, and Wes Henry) already had over 40 years of combined environmental consulting experience prior to opening our doors.

Each of the founding partners brought a different skill set to the table, which meshed perfectly with each other, allowing us to form and carefully shape Safetech into the industry leader in the provision of environmental, health and safety consulting services that it is today.

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If you have an environmental problem, you need to know it... and fast. If it turns out you don't have an environmental problem, you need clear, easily understood evidence that will ease your relations with regulators and labour representatives. And you deserve the assurance of knowing that this will happen reliably... every time.


That is why Safetech systematically provides:

  • Industry leading response times
  • Accurate and clearly understood reports
  • Budget sensitive recommendations
  • Recommendations that are practical


  • Why do I need to have a Designated Substances assessment completed before I demolish or renovate a building?

    It's the law. Designated Substances are specifically regulated under O.Reg. 490/09 (as amended). The Designated Substances report is completed to fulfil the Owner's requirements under Section 30 of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act to identify potentially hazardous building materials that workers may be exposed to during construction or demolition activity that may disturb such materials.

  • What is an ECA?

    It's an Environmental Compliance Approval.  In Ontario, nearly all industrial facilities, and many other facilities, require an ECA. Facilities are often required to demonstrate that their air emissions are in compliance with regulatory standards and/or air quality guidelines. The ECA must address all contaminants (including noise) emitted into the environment and should be amended before a facility makes any process, operational, or equipment changes that affect emissions. The regulations that apply to facilities with air emissions include: O.Reg. 1/17: Regulations Under Part II.2 of the Act - Activities Requiring Assessment of Air Emissions, and Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR) – Limits and Other Requirements.

  • What is "Eccess Soil" and does it have to be tested?

    Excess Soil is soil that has been excavated, mainly during construction activities, that cannot or will not be reused at the site where the soil was excavated and must be moved off site. In some cases, excess soil may be temporarily stored at another location before the excess soil is brought back to be used for a beneficial reuse at the site where the soil was originally excavated. Each load should be accompanied by documentation signed by the Source Site QP that includes appropriate and representative soil analyses from the soil at the Source Site confirming the soil quality is acceptable for the intended Receiving Site in accordance with the Receiving Site's Fill Management Plan.

  •  Is all Mould bad?

    Mould is a normal component of outdoor air and therefore some level of mould of similar composition in indoor air is to be expected.  However, under the right conditions (leaks, floods, condensation, high humidity, etc.) indoor mould growth can occur, resulting in the deterioration of building materials and an atypical build-up and composition of airborne mould.  These conditions may lead to adverse health effects (most commonly allergic-type reactions), especially for susceptible individuals.

  •  What is Radon gas?

    Radon is a naturally occurring colourless and odourless radioactive gas that stems from the nuclear decay of uranium, which makes up a large portion of the Earth's crust.  It can enter buildings through cracks in floors, crawl spaces and service lines as well as through plumbing.  Once radon has entered a building it can build up to potentially unsafe levels, increasing an individual's risk of lung cancer.

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Safetech Environmental Limited – like the salamander – detects threats in your environment – indoor or outdoor, commercial, industrial or institutional.

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