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When a major loss such as a flood or fire occurs, a coordinated response by a team of professionals is required to mitigate the loss, assess the extent of damage and determine an accurate scope of work for restoration.  These losses often create health & safety hazards for first responders, restoration personnel and building occupants that need to be identified and handled appropriately.


Safetech has developed a dedicated Insurance & Disaster Restoration Division to respond to the specific needs of these projects.  Our qualified and experienced professionals understand the requirements of the insurance and emergency restoration industry.  We respond in a timely manner and provide adjusters, insurers, restoration contractors, the insured and other materially interested parties with the information they need to conduct the work safely and quickly, ensuring due diligence while also allowing for faster estimating and reserve-setting times.


Services Provided by Safetech Include:


Flood / Water Loss Claims:

  • Moisture Mapping
  • Hazardous Materials Identification
  • Mould and Sewage Assessments
  • Preparation of Emergency Restoration Scope of Work for Restoration
  • Site Inspection and Testing Prior to, During and Post-Restoration


Fire Claims:

  • Assessment for Fire Residues (soot)
  • Hazardous Materials Identification
  • Preparation of Emergency Restoration Scope of Work
  • Site Inspection and Testing Prior to, During and Post-Restoration
  • Post-Fire Air Quality Testing


Fuel Spill Claims:

  • Contamination Assessment
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • Preparation of Emergency Remediation Scope of Work
  • Post Clean-up Verification Sampling
  • Air Quality Testing

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